What is Effective Philanthropy Multiplier

Today, the global social sector is facing the same problem: how to scale proven solutions to achieve transformative social impact.


In November 2016 Narada Foundation and 16 Chinese foundations and companies jointly initiated China Effective Philanthropy Multiplier (EPM) to support scaling-up impact of proven solutions to social problems, and ultimately improve the lives of millions, in a more effective and efficient way.

The 17 co-founders for the EPM are  leading organisations in the sector: Narada Foundation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, One Foundation, Tencent Foundation, China Merchants Charitable Foundation, Shanghai United Foundation, NPI, ALIPAY Philanthropy, Macao Tong Chai Charity Association, Sany Foundation, SEE Foundation, the Amity Foundation, Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation, PWC, ThoughtWorks, Xinhua Philanthropy, Sina Weibo Philanthropy.

As an open and collaborative platform, we mobilize financial and non-financial resources from different stakeholders, to support effective philanthropic projects to contribute to solving social problems at scale through replications.

Social problems in China affect large populations and no one organization can cover the need. The blow figure shows the huge gap between supply of and demand for day care for adults with IDD (intellectual or developmental disabilities).


With the joint force of these 16 co-founders as well as an additional 15 strategic partners, till now, EPM has selected 50 effective philanthropic products for certification and support, which include product acceleration, promotion, channel development and resources connection services.

How EPM Works

FIND NPOs (referred as brand organizations) that have effective solutions to tackle certain social problems and are willing to share their knowledge and models with other organizations to reach more people in need. We strictly select products/services to ensure the high quality of the EPM’s portfolio.

ENABLE brand organizations to build up core capacities, for instance, scaling-up strategy, impact measurement, partnership management, organizational management etc. Through the Scaling-up Academy, brand organizations are equipped with practical means and skills needed for scaling, and meanwhile, the high potential brand organizations are provided with more unrestricted funding and 1-to-1 tailored support in order to achieve milestones towards their endgames.

MATCH the proven products with suitable local organizations to serve more beneficiaries. We build up a nationwide network of more than 40 local hubs across China which can access to 13,000 NPOs and voluntary groups. The local hubs organize roadshows for selected products based on local needs to catalyze partnerships between brand organizations and local organizations, and also provide on-going support for those local replicators when needed.

FOSTER collaboration among funders, governments, service providers and other stakeholders to join our efforts, directing more resources toward the objective of scaling up impact and building a stronger ecosystem.